A native of the Eastern Townships and an artist since 2005, David Frazer has for many years had an interest in the arts, particularly photography. He began his photographic exploits with his father's single-lens reflex Pentax even before completing high school. In 2010 he began a career as a real estate agent. Here he soon became acquainted with the inadequacies of real estate photography - the strengths and qualities of buildings for sale often being poorly represented. Seeing a need for change, David set about to remedy the problem beginning with his own photos. He understood that photography requires more than quality equipment, so he started by investing in several photography courses. He has trained under the renowned photographers Mike Kelley, Marc Muench, Tom Mangelsen, Matt KloskowskiChris Burkard, Scott Hargis and James Staddon. In 2015 he was ready to help others who need quality photos, but who do not have the time or interest to become professional real estate photographers themselves. It was then that Photos David Frazer was created.
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