As real estate and architectural photographer, I offer my services to a wide range of people:

  • real estate brokers who really want to present the building in a proper way.
  • companies who want to present themselves to the public in an attractive way.
  • owners who want beautiful photos of their home.
  • entrepreneurs and developers who want to demonstrate the quality of their products.

Professional photography service – real estate packages:

  • exposure fusion or realistic HDR photos
  • distortion and perspective correction
  • retouching on a high quality screen
  • real estate Interior and exterior photos taken by day
  • using a very wide angle lens when needed
  • delivery of pictures electronically in two sizes (1200 px wide and 2400 px wide)
  • a very reasonable price
  • excellent service
  • delivery within 24 hours (48 hours on weekends and holidays)

Additional services possible:

  • Twilight or night photos
  • retaking of some photos as the seasons change
  • floorplan and measurements of the rooms
  • right of use other than for the sale of the building
  • panoramic images when the view is extraordinary
For a detailed comparison of packages, click here.

Architectural, high-end and commercial photo service:

Producing photos of very high quality with external lighting or with other special conditions requires more time and effort on site as well as in post-production.  Please contact me with the details of your project so that I can give you a reasonable estimate.