Real Estate Photography

Real Estate photography for Real Estate Brokers and Agencies.

Price: + taxes

50 km

Transportation fee: $

Note that this is only a tool to estimate the cost, and not a price guarantee.

Add-on Details:

50 kilometres from the centre of  Sherbrooke are included. Beyond that, 1.50$ per kilometre one direction are added. (0,75$ per linear km)  This is equivalent to most of the Eastern Townships. Here is an approximate map:

carte Estrie

Aerial photos taken with a drone with a high-quality sensor.

Note that in certain locations drone photography is not permitted, for example next to a prison or airport.

Aerial 360’s are also possible.

Here is an example, with the aerial 360 and floor plan add-ons:

✔ drone video
✔ montage of the photos
✔ intro and conclusion for the realtor
✔ royalty-free music

✓drone video
✓ montage of the photos
✓ intro and conclusion for the realtor
✓ royalty-free music
✔ interior video
✔ narration on request
✔ advances transition effects

*Note that the photographer always holds the copyright. The licence is limitied to the sale or rental of the property and is non-transferable. A commercial lincence is available if you want a broader useage, for example the promotion of a business, use on business cards, etc.